Detailed Plumbing Installation & Heating & Cooling Maintenance 

Your home can be a palace if you make it feel like one. To keep you comfortable, Barton's Plumbing & Heating of Duncansville, Pennsylvania, offers heating and cooling maintenance that optimizes your residential or commercial system. We also perform plumbing installation, repair, and replacements that help water flow freely into an out of your home or business.

Plumbing, Heating, & AC:

• Forced Air Heating System Installation & Repair
Heating & Air Conditioning installation
Certified Gas Installation
Sewer & Water Line Repair or Replacement
Plumbing & Heating Remodeling
Sewer & Drain Cleaning
• Hot Water Heater Installation & Repair
Gas Line Pressure Testing
New Construction

Products We Install & Service:

AC Compressors
AC Parts
Air Conditioners
Air Ducts
Air Filters
Air Purifiers
Backflow Preventers
Bathroom Fixtures
Bathtubs & Showers
Boilers & Water Heaters
Catch Basins & Traps
Central Air Conditioning
Controls & Thermostats
Conversion Burners & Infiltrators
Coolers & Refrigeration
Custom Heating & Air Conditioning
Custom Plumbing & Heating
Drain Traps
Drainage Systems
Energy Efficient Systems
Flush Valves & Parts
Furnaces & Boilers
Garbage Disposals
Gas & Oil Furnaces & Boilers
Heat Pumps
Heating & Air Conditioning Ductwork
Sewer Lines & Sewer Systems
Sewer Pumps
Tankless Water Heaters
Wall Air Conditioners

Contact us for plumbing installation along with heating and cooling maintenance that improves your home.